Can I use your Personalised Portrait Creator to create and sell portraits to my customers?

Yes! But bare in mind licence terms apply when creating and selling End Products to customers. Please read the related articles below for further clarity on licence terms.

In the meantime here’s some quick guidelines to assist you with the terms:

  • You may use the portrait/s as part of a wider design in End Products for sale, like wall art prints, invitations, mugs, etc, and sell up to 5 000 units collectively.
  • To achieve the wider design, you can combine the portraits (or animals) with a background, text, flowers etc. Popping a pooch onto a background and selling it as wall art is not enough of a new Original Design.
  • You may customise each print/product you sell to your customers.
  • If your End Product is digital in nature, you will need to supply a flattened, non-editable file designed so that items may not be extracted by the end users.
  • You may NOT under any circumstances make any of the source elements, in part or otherwise, available for others to use and create their own portraits. Customers may not choose, design, create or edit their own portraits. Only you, as the licence holder, may use the product.

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