What software do I need to use the Portrait Creator?

The required software for the Portrait Creator is Adobe Illustrator version CS3 or newer, or Adobe Photoshop version CS3 or newer – meaning any version from CS3 all the way up to Creative Cloud (CC).

But if you don't have Adobe, the great news is there is an alternative for you! Yay!
The alternative is an app called Affinity Designer for Desktop. It’s a more cost effective alternative to Adobe and has very similar functionality as Adobe Photoshop. Two important things to note that only the Adobe Photoshop files work perfectly in Affinity and you will need the Desktop version of the app and not the Mobile version of Affinity.
Unfortunately I can't guarantee whether the Portrait Creator will work in any other app other than the ones mentioned above. Due to the complex nature of the layer structure the files definitely don't work in Procreate, Silhouette Studio or Canva. 
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