Should I keep the old versions of the Portrait Creator?

From time to time I make updates to the Portrait Creator which is free to existing customers. Yay! Because the kit has so many goodies, the overall product files size is fairly large so you may be wondering whether it's necessary to keep all the older versions.

The good news is you can safely delete any older versions. All the updates will include the full kit. 

But bare in mind I do make improvements to items which can sometimes mean I delete old versions of these items (like clothing items) that are redundant - for example, a new better looking t-shirt which means the old one is deleted.

So if you want to be 100% sure you have every version of every item, I would recommend backing up the old ones on a cloud service and deleting them from your hard drive to save space and only keep the latest version on your computer.

In short, the latest version contains all the up-to-date items of the full kit so you can safely delete the older versions for the most recent version of the product.

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