How to adjust the size limit of a brush in Procreate

Brush creators set size limits to brushes based on their purpose and intended use. But you might want to adjust the size limit of the brush especially if you want a large brush to be used much smaller and you're finding the smallest size available is still too large for your needs.

Here's a quick guide on how you can do that.

Follow these easy steps to adjust the size limit of a Procreate brush:


Select the brush you’d like to adjust and tap it again to open the Brush Studio editor.

Open the "Properties" menu.

Under Brush Behaviour adjust the Maximum or Minimum size sliders to increase or decrease the size of the brush - use the drawing pad area to help you determine your preferred size. Tip: adjust the slider in small increments, the percentage changes can often have a big impact on the size.


Tap the Done button to complete the change. Test the brush and re-adjust if needed.

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