I want to sell End Products using your Resources, are there special requirements?

Please note the following article pertains to the Graphics Licence. For information on selling your work made with Procreate resources please see this article,

As with all licences, there are terms and conditions to protect both you and the creator. I know licensing can get really confusing which is why I created a user-friendly overview. But there are more nitty-gritty details that need to be mentioned, found below:

  • End Products must be significantly different than the original Resource purchased. You must combine the Resources with other creative elements to ensure licensed Resources are used within a wider design to form an Original Design. An Original Design would be something you put time, effort and skill to produce, ensuring the Resources are not the primary integrity of the Design or End Product. The Resources should be used to facilitate your creative expression resulting in unique work different from the original Resource purchased. The Resources may not be used stand alone (I offer an Enhanced Art Licence for most of my products should you wish to use the Resources stand alone).
  • End Products may not be used or sold in a way that is directly competitive with the original Resource you purchased.
  • Patterns purchased under the Standard Licence and Extended Licence may not be used stand alone. They may be used as backgrounds that form part of a wider design; as an overlay; or to fill a specific area within your Original Design. I offer an Enhanced Art Licence for my royalty-free Patterns should you wish to use them stand alone.
  • End Products may not be sold or supplied in a way that allows for third parties to easily extract the Resources.
  • If you are creating and selling digital end products you would need to ensure that the original resources may not be extracted. Files sold may not be layered or editable and must be supplied flat without access to the original source files used. By adding text, backgrounds, other design elements, and overlapping elements, etc., you can create a unique, original design and ensures that Resources cannot be extracted.

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