I sell digital products like scrapbooking kits and planner templates that include stickers and papers, can I use your graphics in my kits?

Yes you may, please bare in mind though that licence terms and conditions apply. A new Original Design* (see related articles below for more info) needs to be created on all your items including stickers, and files are supplied in a manner that doesn’t allow for easy extraction.

For example, it is not permitted to use a resource on it’s own on a white background, the resource can easily be extracted and a new Original Design hasn’t been created. You may not include any source files or layered files, including, but not limited to PNG, PSD, AI, SVG or vector based PDF files. The graphics may not form the main integrity of the design or kit.

*An Original Design is achieved by using the graphics or patterns (also known as the Resources) as part of a wider design and not stand-alone. By adding text, backgrounds, other design elements, and overlapping elements, etc., you can create a unique, original design and ensures that Resources cannot be extracted.

If you're still unsure about anything regarding the license, please email us with a visual example of your design and we can double check that for you! 

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