Are there any restrictions for fonts?

Here's a quick overview of the license terms for fonts:

You can use the font:

  • In multiple commercial projects
  • To create stand alone phrase/quote art to sell on items like mugs, t-shirts, tote bags, stickers, etc.
  • In a logo design
  • To create Word art as long as they are being used as part of a wider design and not as a stand alone singular word

You can’t use the font:

  • To create graphic flattened alphabets, letterforms, digital alphabets (alphas), embroidery fonts, die-cut patterns or stencil designs
  • To create an editable logo or website template available for resale
  • To embed on a third party/Print on Demand website where third parties are able to work with the font
  • To embed in an ePublication without obtaining an ePub licence, please contact me for more info.
  • To embed in a mobile or desktop app
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