Are there any restrictions for fonts?

Here's a quick overview of the license terms for fonts:

You can use the font:

  • In multiple commercial projects
  • To create stand alone phrase/quote art to sell on items like mugs, t-shirts, tote bags, stickers, etc.
  • Stand alone for logos as long as they are for personal projects or an individual client (should the client need access to the font, they would need to obtain their own license)
  • In e-books, online publications, and websites for personal use or one-time client projects provided the font is not uploaded onto a third party system for third parties to access or extract
  • To create Word art as long as they are being used as part of a wider design and not as a stand alone singular word

You can’t use the font:

  • To create graphic flattened alphabets, letterforms, digital alphabets (alphas), embroidery fonts, die-cut patterns or stencil designs
  • To create an editable logo or website template available for resale
  • To embed on a third party/Print on Demand website where third parties are able to work with the font
  • To embed in a mobile or desktop app
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