I can't download my purchase

Sometimes the smallest network interruption can cause havoc with a large file download which ends up being very frustrating for the person trying to download the file! Here are a few troubleshooting ideas to assist you:

  • Please verify that your Internet service plan allows you to download larger files, some products are over 4GB in size.
  • Please make sure that your computer doesn’t disconnect from the network if/when it goes to sleep, or the download will be interrupted. This will result in a corrupted .zip file that may not unzip, a .cpgz or .part file (signifying an incomplete or partial download), or cache errors on your browser.
  • Sometimes a quick clearing of the cache on your browser does the trick. Once you’ve cleared the cache, reload the download page and start the download again.
  • I recommend using a download manager to minimize any problems downloading large files and would allow you to pause/resume the download.
  • Make sure that any virus software, firewall, or ad-blocker you’re running is not preventing the download from completing. Sometimes overzealous firewalls or even your corporation’s IT regulations can cause issues with downloads on our site.
  • Please temporarily disable any VPN extension on your browser while downloading.

If you continue to experience issues, please do get in touch so that we can further assist you!

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