How do I download directly onto my iPad?

If you bought a product for an iPad program such as Procreate and want to download it directly to your iPad and not a desktop computer, you'll need to use a third-party app to unzip the files. Here's how to download your purchase directly onto your iPad, and install brushes into Procreate:

Please note: Only download products to your iPad created for an iPad app, like Procreate. Downloading products designed to be used in desktop software like Adobe is not recommended.

Download ZipApp (free version is fine) from the App Store to your iPad. Install it and open the app.

Download your purchase from your account which will be a zip file.
When the download window appears on your iPad, tap Open in… > Zip App. Zip App will open. Tap on the zip file, then click Yes
NOTE: Downloading the product files to your iPad will download the entire product that includes other file formats. Only open and import .brushset files and .Procreate files found in the Procreate folder.
After unzipping the files on your iPad, you’ll be able to locate the .brushset files on your iPad in your Files app in the On My iPad location. Navigate to the .brushset file(s). In the top right, tap Select, then select one of the brushset files. Tap Share at the bottom left, then tap Open in Procreate.
Open Procreate, you’ll see your new .brushset files will appear at the top of the Brush Library. Repeat for the rest of the brushsets and documents.
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