What's the difference between the Add-Ons Licence, Standard Licence and Extended Licence?

The Add-Ons Licence pertains to the Procreate Resources (Brushes, Canvases etc) and Fonts. Whereas the Standard and Extended Licences pertain to the Graphics, Illustrations, Creators and Textures available for sale on www.lisaglanz.com.

Add-Ons Licence for Brushes and Fonts

The Add-Ons Licence pertains to the Procreate Resources and Fonts. With the Add-ons license you can use the brushes in unlimited projects even if you plan on selling those projects. Any work you create using the brushes belongs to you and you are welcome to sell the artwork or use your creations in any way you like. 

There are no restrictions as to how many projects you create and how many items you sell that were created with the brushes. Think of them as art supplies you purchase from an art store, these are just in digital form!

However, please take note of the following restrictions:

  • Sharing the original brushes and shapes is not permitted. 
  • Pattern brushes and stamps may not be used as is, but can be used within a design as part of a wider creation.
  • Copying brushes and tweaking slightly to resell as your own is strictly prohibited.

Standard and Extended Licence for Graphics and Illustrations

These Licences pertain to the Graphics, Illustrations, Creators and Textures.

There is no difference in the product files you'll receive, both licences include the full version of the product you purchase under either licence.

The difference however lies within the terms of the licence and what is permissible under these terms. In the case of the Standard Licence and Extended Licence, the only difference is the quantity of End Products sold. 

Under the Standard Licence you may sell 5000 units of your End Products, and under the Extended Licence you may sell up to 250 000 units of your End Product you create using the graphic resources. All other usage terms are the same for both licenses. 

You can find an overview of the terms here, or compare licenses here.

Below is further info related to licensing and usage scenarios you might find helpful. If you're still unsure about the license terms, please email us with your questions, we're happy to help! 

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